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The light that purifies air

WivActive is an innovative technology developed by Wiva Group for air purification through the use of light and nanomaterials.

The result of many years of experience of the company operating in the lighting sector and in collaboration with major internationally accredited research centres, WivActive technology offers an intelligent and effective solution to the problem of pollution and unhealthy air in closed environments.

WivActive products are completely Made in Italy: designed and developed by the Tech Lab of Wiva Group and manufactured at the company’s dedicated production facilities. 

The most known air pollution factors derive mainly from the transport sector, industrial sector, activity of power plants and incinerators, domestic heating, agriculture use of pesticides and mining dust. Much less known is the pollution of domestic environments which, in addition to being sensitive to external agents, is also sensitive to the internal ones caused by products present in every home.

These products cause other pollutants: fine dust, mold, mites, bacteria, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide and a large family of molecules known as “volatile organic compounds”. The category of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) includes a series of substances all containing carbon in complex mixtures, which easily evaporate already at room temperature. More than 300 are known, most of all aliphatic hydrocarbons, terpenes, aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons, alcohols, esters, ketones and aldehydes.

Photocatalysis with visible light, the WIVactive innovation

WivActive is an innovative technology developed by Wiva Group for air purification through the use of light and nanomaterials. A result of the company’s many years of experience in the lighting sector and collaboration with major internationally accredited research centres, WivActive technology offers an intelligent and effective solution to the problem of pollution and unhealthy air in closed environments.


Nanomaterials are applied to surfaces through a specifically developed coating treatment (fixing the nanocomposite). The chemical composition of this substance, based on a special patented form of titanium dioxide, from the point of morphology, and doping with silver and other elements, means that’s will be active simply thanks to the action of white artificial light, even in the absence of UV rays.

The silver ions

The finely dispersed metallic silver molecules react with the water molecules present in the air, releasing silver ions that purify air by exerting an antibacterial action.

Heart of the system: the GEAR BOX

The patented Gearbox is where photocatalytic activation take place through visible light, no longer requiring UV light.

Many different LED sources, optical systems and output levels were analysed to achieve the optimum illumination of the filters for photocatalytic activation.

The calibrated, homogeneous illumination of these filters is the heart of the Gearbox and it is fine tuned to deliver photocatalytic activation at its maximum efficiency.

The airflow system, with its levitating fan, optimises system pressure drops to maximise airflow in a near silent 13 dB.