UV-C PureLight

UV-C radiation – for the sake of safety

UV-C Radation is one of the most effective methods of disinfecting air and surfaces (walls, countertops, objects etc.). It is also able to reach various nooks, in the form of reflected rays and eliminates up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the room.

The current situation requires adaptation to difficult working conditions. We understand those requirements.

Our portfolio offers well thought-out and customised solutions that significantly improve security. Meet the new family of PURELIGHT solutions.

PURELIGHT solutions use ultraviolet light to reduce health risks. Effective elimination of harmful microorganisms is so simple. All you have to do is to use light treatment function in the space to be sterilized. Remember to follow the instructions in the manual.

UV-C flow chamber allows for intensive air disinfection possible in the presence of people. Innovative solution for many applications and many types of rooms. Expand the range of disinfection functions using additional component and sensor to detect people presence in a room.

Result: Microorganisms become incapable of reproducing or microbiologically inactive. Radiation distorts the structure of their genetic material and prevents viral particles from producing more copies.


UV-C luminaires are one of the most effective methods of air and surface disinfection. The proven effectiveness of the 253.7 nm wavelength allows for an effective disinfection effect. PURELIGHT supports your safety in any public space.
Use it wherever the quality of service is related to safety.

Constant Air Disinfection for your safety

The UV-C Flow lamp is designed to sterilize rooms where people stay. Forced air circulation and safe shielding of emitted UV-C light ensures that the luminaries can be used in the presence of people.

The UV-C Direct lamp is designed to sterilize rooms where an occupancy sensor can detect zero presence and will disinfect an area safely when a room is no longer in use.




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