Domus Projects

Earlier this year we looked at how COVID would change the face of our business and our industry.

We are in the business of lighting – design, specification, procurement and supply.

We set trends in Retail and Commercial installations with design and product and we have being doing this for over 15 years.

We work at the cutting edge of energy management in all class of applications – achieving both energy savings and carbon foot print reductions while maintaining standards and performance.

We are Engineers, Designers and Product Innovators looking to the challenge ahead.

So when we were approached by some of our suppliers with COVID products such as Screens, Masks & PPE we thought let’s look to our technical expertise and see what we can bring to the table.


We already knew that Wiva have been developing their Wivactive systems for over 3 years and that a market launch was close as the technology had passed through R&D, Certification and Production Modelling.

Wivactive is now tested, proven and certified for the challenging environment brought to us by COVID and we are proud to support and develop the market for the product here in Ireland.

Active systems for the elimination of not only Bacteria but all Volatile Organic Compounds and Pollutants.

PureLight UV-C

We also knew that UV-C had a role to play and were delighted when LUG launched their UV-C Purelight range of products.

Indirect UV-C Purelight – leave it on and let it clean the air through UV-C enclosed cleansing – it cleans the air in up to 50sq meters, reducing airborne bacteria.

Direct UV-C Purelight –  a product for the closed unoccupied room that sterilises equipment and surfaces leaving no trace of bacteria on any surface the light reaches. Sensors ensure a room is unoccupied before activation. 

In association with LUG we are delighted to represent this innovative product here in Ireland.



For more information on these product ranges, please use links below:

WIVA – Wivactive       LUG – Purelight