For more than 45 years, Lamp has maintained its essential commitment: to bring to life functional and customized solutions for our customers’ lighting challenges, adapted to any architectural project around the world.

Lighting that works

Lighting is the language that makes architectural spaces function with beauty and order. We are committed to honesty, durability, responsibility, and adaptability. Fusing design and engineering makes a product suitable, providing order and comfort to interior and exterior architectural projects with exacting demands, such as retail, offices, hospitality, and residential developments. It is the beauty of a world that works.

Spaces that work

We believe that, although light is born in each fixture, it lives in the space it illuminates and in the person working or living there. Whether creating a single luminaire or a complex project with hundreds of luminaires, we always build with the space in mind. That is our mission. It is our conviction expressed in each project and each meeting, with a team of experts working hard from planning through to installation. A comprehensive approach with a single objective: let the results speak for themselves in a lasting way and in any place.