Gym Lighting

Project Summary:

In 2017, the local council of Nicas in the Latvian region of Kurzeme, turned to Cree Europe to install an energy-efficient LED lighting system in its newly commissioned low-carbon sports hall complex.

The sports hall was built as part of a wider initiative to encourage a less carbon-dependent economy, and to inspire local children and teenagers to enjoy a wide variety of indoor sports, from volleyball to basketball and football, and much more.

Nicas council was after a high-class, zero maintenance lighting installation that would give the sports hall and complementary areas like the gym, an aerobics room, changing rooms and hallways, the professional look the new building deserved, while keeping electricity bills low.

The main challenge facing Gaismas Stils SIA – the Latvian lighting consultancy in charge of lighting on the project – was to design an LED lighting solution that met the different lighting requirements of each space, while giving the new sports hall a shining finish.