EMS – Entry Management System

Managing the number of people within a space has become a priority for most businesses. From retail stores, waiting rooms to office space, boardrooms and canteens, our current environment demands that occupancy needs to be managed.

In response to the current corona virus pandemic, we have a system that allows us to determine the number of customers in the store space. Our system is concerned about the safety of people staying in the store and about improving the work of the staff.

The system designed to determine the number of people in and out of the building (when entering individually, the effectiveness of the system is over 99.2%). The Customer counting system application allows to manage the system and it is available for most models smartphones manufactured after 2014. We assure you that the installation of the device is very easy.

The Entry Management System (EMS) from Domus Projects is a clever yet very simple solution for the growing need for occupancy and entry management..

Areas can be defined with parameters to ensure safe numbers of people are allowed access whilst maintaining a manageable number to maintain social distancing.

The EMS system monitors both Entry and Exit of persons and will display a visual graphic at points of entry to limit the numbers entering either the premises or the room.

Occupancy can also be monitored by staff and management through a user friendly application.