Dental / Medical

The Inwhite Medical children’s dental clinic is a place where young patients are welcomed to a playful dimension and taken on a sensory journey that stimulates their curiosity and imagination, to ward off their anxiety about treatment.  There are holograms with portraits of children smiling, textile clouds that form abstract pictures of animals,  snowman shaped toy lockers and pictures of Lego models that depict the treatment rooms.  

Light and colour play a leading role in creating this mood and the lighting project that uses Targetti fixtures is an essential part of the architectural concept as a whole.

In the reception area ZENO SMALL projectors with flood optics highlight the holographic portraits of smiling children with accent lighting. In the waiting room recessed  CCTLED DOWNLIGHT FEEL projectors, whose LED sources are completely hidden from view, provide general lighting with a soft effect without any shadows or contrasts.

Targetti has been designing and producing indoor and outdoor architectural light fixtures since 1928. We work internationally with the aim of contributing to the quality of every project with our products.

Every day we are committed to developing lighting solutions that can really help to improve the efficiency and comfort of the environment in which we live.

Targetti style is our ability to interpret light intelligently and passionately. We place great importance on innovation and research, as well as the unique ability of light to excite and inspire.

Every Targetti product expresses the values the company holds dear. On one hand perfect light control and excellent performance, and on the other extreme attention to aesthetic detail.

We cater to designers to provide flexible solutions that can meet even the most complex aesthetic and functional needs. We are a trusted partner: the skills and experience we have gained, together with our extensive international presence make it possible for us to provide fast and accurate solutions.

Partnerships with architects and lighting designers all over the world give rise to projects that highlight the application versatility of our lighting fixtures. From workplaces to the retail world, entertainment venues, historical buildings and places of worship, Targetti products integrate discreetly in every architectural context.